Prerona Pratibandhi Sishu Bikash Kendra

Service to disabled children is our plight. Help us to help them !

                                    SPASTIC SOCIETY OF JORHAT

                           TO MEET THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE

 A Prime Institution in the North East with a mission to empower for proper rehabilitation, early intervention, education, therapy, vocational training, leisure skill & full participation to ensure equal right to live for the differently ables children


Prerona’s Vision is to make Persons with disability efficient in every sphere of life and be entitled to equal rights and a better quality of life. It visualizes a society which is discrimination and barrier free.



The objective of the institute is to enable, develop and support persons with disabilities to adjust and grow in society and also to make society develop a positive attitude towards such persons. Prerona’s aims are:

  • To enable persons with disabilities to accept and adjust themselves with the social environment by helping them develop sustainable life skills.
  • To develop among parents and society, awareness about the rights of the disabled.
  • To help integrate these persons into society and strive for a discrimination and barrier free society